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This was yesterday but I got busy and totally forgot, you might’ve seen a pic on my Instagram, this is my best friend Mercedes, she’s super awesome talented and sweet. Her whole outfit is from h&m except shoes, and my outfit is variety , I threw on a shirt from the thrift store and my skirt I got for 4$ at UO super steal ! Decided to pair it with cheetah print shoes to do some pattern clashing and to give it am edgier look I put in my leather jacket !

The weather is finally starting to kick in with the actual season, it rained two days in a row and my Californians should know we happy cause we’ve been in a drought. I’ve readjusted my wardrobe and I’m so excited, do you guys know that anxious feeling of having so many new, nice clothes to wear but you can’t wear all of them to fast you needa spread it out ?? That’s me, and inbox me to tell me if you ever feel like that !?


This skirt has been a go to in my wardrobe for days when i look cute but i dont wanna put so much effort. Its just hella perfect for today especially to say good bye to summer and hello to fall. I got this skirt from TJMaxx where they have the best sale section. I think it was like 4 bucks, orginally 25 , like that was my first time actually going in and hunting for clothes and i never knew they had a sale section like that. they had a cute ass jumper for 3 bucks, i was so mad it didnt fit. I decided to pair it with these easygoing sam and libby leather with gold stud birks aka jesus sandals.i felt like it goes with the indian and hippie mixed vibes of  the skirt. 

Now that its getting cold i finally get to wear clothes i bought 2 months ago, i can not wait to show yall and I hope you follow and ask questions and give some constructive criticism. stay swaaggyy !!